Connecting Food, Farms and Families

Helping Agriculture Thrive In Our Communities



Did you ever wonder about the local connection to your food? It’s closer than you think. Farmers play an important and essential role in our lives, growing and producing the food we eat. Their work though is often taken for granted, not understood or respected. We’re here to change that.


Our farm family focus will shine the spotlight on the people who work hard every day to bring food to family tables in the communities we serve. We want to introduce you to them while raising awareness of who they are, the work they do and why it’s important to them – and to us.

Meet Local Farm Families


Graham Dairy Farm

Graham Dairy


In 1943 an orphan worked hard to earn two horses, bought a farm with a handshake, and traded one horse for three cows, thus laying the groundwork for Graham Dairy Farm. 78 years later, this bold orphan’s grandson, Phil Graham, along with his wife Trina, who shares his love for cows and farming, continue to work and grow the farm together with their kids Stella, Hunter, Kassie and Layla ‘in tow’.


With a size of 130 acres and a herd of 220 milking cows (Holsteins with a handful of Jerseys), Graham Dairy Farm continues to expand with faith, family and farming as their top priorities.


“We love being able to work together as a family each and every day. Raising our kids to be stewards of the earth, caring for all of God’s creation.”

K&W Farms





Jake and Lori met in 1982, married in 1985 and started farming both layers and broilers in 1993. In 2008 they bought the K&W farm from Lori’s parents, determined to raise their children there, teach them to work, and instill the importance of family. Today, Jake and Lori continue to work together with their son Josh to keep everything running and the farming tradition alive.


Jake and Lori’s passion for farming grows each day, as does their appreciation for their profession, which has allowed them to guide and care for their family, and grow strong within a loving community.


In Jake’s words: “Once farming is in your blood, it’s there for life.”

Severinski Farms





Severinski Farms was established in 1921 by Stephen and Manda Severinski. Today, the land is owned by Kevin Severinski and his wife Audra, who purchased the farm from his parents in 2000. They have four children, three daughters (Amanda, Danielle and Marissa) who still enjoy coming to the farm regularly, and their son Brandon, who has been working full time as a herdsman on the farm for the past eight years.


Kevin and Audra are excited to see a 4th generation of Severinskis still actively involved in farming the same land that their great grandfather homesteaded 100 years ago!


“We love our cows and our land, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that the calf we helped bring into the world at 2am, will be raised and nurtured, to produce and supply milk for Canadian families.”






Brian and Bev always dreamed of having a fully operating farm. In 1966 their dream started becoming reality on a 15-acre property, which they developed for 13 years before relocating to their long-desired 60-acre farm in Nanoose Bay. Brian and Bev wanted an operating livestock farm, leaning mostly towards dairy, but when the opportunity for poultry came along, they decided to ‘go for it’.


Whitta Farms is a family affair – with help from son and daughter, Jason and Deborah, as well as grandchildren Raymond and Ty.


“Farming provides lots of opportunities for personal involvement, growth, satisfaction, and problem solving, as well as teamwork.”

We’ve Been Helping Agriculture Thrive For Generations



Charitable donations, event sponsorships, scholarships and bursaries – these are some of the ways the Friesen Group of Companies has been supporting farm families, agriculture and the greater community for decades. It’s our way of giving back.


Who We Support



Organizations, programs, events and initiatives reflect our four core values and are anchored in our purpose and foundation set down by our founder, Jake Friesen. Most importantly, they must be seen as contributing to helping agriculture thrive in the communities where we all live and work.

Abbotsford Food Bank (Archway Food Bank): Farm Credit Corporation’s Drive Away Hunger started with one FCC employee on one tractor collecting food in October 2004. From that small food drive near Listowel, Ont., FCC Drive Away Hunger has grown year by year, and volunteer by volunteer. Together with other agriculture and food industries, we have rallied around this cause. Since its start, FCC Drive Away Hunger has collected more than 73 million meals directly benefiting food banks and feeding programs in Canada.

British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC): At the Friesen Group, our mission is to help agriculture thrive in the communities in which we do business. Organizations like BCAC, align with our mission.  Partnering with industry and government, BCAC delivers programs and services to ensure BC is the most dynamic and robust agriculture province in Canada. Representing 28 farm associations, BCAC helps to facilitate the actions of 96% of BC provincial farm gate sales.

BC Young Farmers (BCYF) is a working committee within BCAC that believes in moving agriculture into the future. BCYF has a strong following of young farmers with small and large operations alike. BCYF assists young farmers in B.C. aged 19-40 with information, education and support to ensure farming remains a success in our province. Through their events and workshops, their networks have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas that can positively influence farming in B.C.

Mainland Young Milk Producers (MYMP) is an organization that develops, connects, and educates young dairy farmers through industry news and events. Highlighting new opportunities in today’s farm landscape, MYMP assists young farmers in their quest to better understand the future direction of the dairy industry. Together with MYMP, we believe that the dairy industry of tomorrow will be led and built by the young farmers of today. Investing in their future.

Union Gospel Mission Foundation (UGM): Since 2008, BC Poultry Farmers have supported UGM by providing turkey and eggs for the meals served through UGM. UGM recently embarked on a Capital Campaign to build a new Women and Families Centre. This  place is especially for women with children to heal, stabilize and build the solid footing to sustain long term recovery. The BC Poultry Farmers Kitchen is an essential component of the new center providing meals for women and families, with almost 30,000 meals prepared and served per year. We are honored to participate in this initiative.

Other Organizations

  • Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce
  • Abbotsford Christian Secondary School
  • Abbotsford Community Foundation
  • Abbotsford Community Music School
  • Abbotsford Food Bank
  • Animal Nutrition Association of BC and Canada
  • BC Agriculture Council
  • BC Broiler Hatching Egg Producer’s Association
  • BC Chicken Grower’s Association
  • BC Dairy Association(BCDA/Direc
  • BC Egg Marketing Board
  • BC Poultry Conference
  • BC Turkey Association
  • Dewdney Deroche DHI
  • Duncan Curling Club
  • Free To Be Talks
  • Joshua House
  • Lower Fraser Valley DHIS
  • Mainland Young Milk Producers
  • MEI
  • Ridge Meadows DHIA
  • South Fraser DHIA
  • Timothy Christian School
  • Union Gospel Mission Foundation
  • Valley Concert Society